About Us

- Our Mission -

To provide the best shave everyday.


At Clean Kut Shaving, we all come to work every day to provide a stunning and durable product to our incredibly supporting customers, who have lifted this and our other companies to the level they're at today. We aim to do everything in our power to satisfy the customer keep their business, and keep them happy.


Why we started, and the future.

                I started Clean Kut first of to provide an amazing product of quality and durability, but over all the point of every business is to generate income for that product or service. So where is it going? My personal goal is to one day make enough to be able to open a research and development program to help provide essentials to third world countries and communities without basic access to things like clean water, sanitation, reliable food sources, medical facilities, educational facilities, or electricity, and by doing so raise the standard of life in those areas where the people were never gifted the opportunity to help themselves in the way people in countries like the USA and UK do. Bringing the most cost effective life essential technology and advancements such as water filtration systems, GMO foods, renewable off grid power and electricity, and education to the places that it can help the most. Giving entire communities the chance to retake control of their future for them and their children. Thank you for your support and time.