CK Wooden Damascus steel Razor

CK Wooden Damascus steel Razor

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The best steel, and hand sharpened in house. Made to deliver the closest shave at the best price. We polish and stain the wood in house. The finished product is stunning just to look at.


  • This handsome straight razor is perfect for beginner and seasoned wet-shavers alike. The blade are crafted from classic Damascus and are well balanced to the hand, offering exceptional control and a comfortable shave. A master craftsman shapes and grinds it into a 6/8 inch wide blade. Handcrafted from extraordinary materials, and refined for the highest level of cutting performance. The Clean Kut collection is the top of the line, notable for its unparalleled sharpness and striking aesthetics


  • Authentic Damascus steel blade is exceptionally sharp and strong and holds a fine, sharp edge.
  • Hot forged using the Damascus pattern-welding technique in which 100+ layers of carbon steel are folded together to form a single piece of steel for the blade heated to over 1000 degrees F and hand hammered, tempered and wet-ground, resulting in elegant wild Damascus pattern.
  • Ergonomically designed handle promotes fatigue-free use.

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  • includes Instructional Pamphlet
  • Razor Coffin or Tin To Protect Your Razor
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